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Good Things Come in Threes! Meet Our Awesome New Hires

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been wicked busy lately. That’s because both the creative services department and the digital marketing side of our agency are rapidly growing. So much so, that we’ve added seven new people to our team in just the last few weeks!

Meet three of the newest Vitalians:

Courtney Ventura – Digital Marketing Coordinator

A Newburyport, Mass., native, Courtney started her relationship with Vital as an intern during her senior year of college. A few months later, she graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in communications and a minor in business.

Now a full-time digital marketing coordinator, Courtney says that the way businesses use technology to market themselves amazes her. “It’s surprising how much you can find out through digital marketing techniques that can better the online presence of a company.”

Courtney plans on continuing to improve her digital marketing knowledge while working closely with members of Vital’s Portsmouth digital marketing department.

In her free time, Courtney loves going to New England sporting events, practicing photography and hanging out with her friends and family. And as a true Massachusetts girl, she’ll probably be spending her unlimited vacation days in her favorite place: Cape Cod.

Ian Kelley – Digital Marketing Coordinator

Another recent UNH grad, Ian comes into the digital marketing coordinator role with a degree in marketing. Coincidentally, he was heavily influenced by another recent Vital hire, D.J. Haskins, who was one of his professors during his senior year.

“Not only did I know I wanted to pursue a career in digital marketing, but I knew I also wanted to work at a top-notch, high-tech agency like Vital,” said Ian.

One of the things Ian loves most about the marketing world is how it’s constantly evolving. “Technology is changing so fast, which forces us, as marketers, to always be on our toes and try to come up with new strategies to help businesses,” he said.

If there’s one thing Ian isn’t, it’s a couch potato. He’s always doing something active, whether it’s running, lifting weights or hiking in the White Mountains. Sounds like someone’s going to enjoy Vital’s gym membership perk.

 Joe Ricci – Creative Services Intern

Representing the Vital interns is Portsmouth local Joe Ricci. Fresh from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn., Joe got his degree in management and discovered a passion for project management during his final year in school. 

“After having an operations internship last summer, I wanted to try something that I knew would help me grow more as a businessman and a person,” said Joe. “Vital was a no-brainer for me after seeing their success, their culture and their growth.”

What interests Joe most about digital marketing is learning. Since he was a management major in college, he wasn’t as exposed to marketing practices as some of our other team members were. “I am most interested in jumping into something completely different and trying to learn as much of it as quickly as possible.”

Joe got his start in the workforce early on, starting in the restaurant and construction industries when he was just 14 years old. Besides marketing, he loves music, soccer and traveling. Maybe we’ll even use his construction expertise as we expand our office space.

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