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Best Email Service Providers for Salesforce: MailChimp vs Constant Contact vs Native Apps

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So your company uses Salesforce. Great! Your sales team is a well-oiled machine — tracking leads, forecasting and managing accounts with authority.

But is your marketing department receiving similar support from Salesforce when it comes to their mass emailing campaigns? Are your email newsletters, action alerts, and special offers delivered and strategized in all the right ways when you rely on Salesforce alone?

We often find that Salesforce’s built-in email service provider (ESP) doesn’t cut the mustard for many of our clients. In this article, we take a look at some third party ESPs on the market — why you need one, what functionality you should expect and how they stack up apples to apples.

Why You Need a Third Party ESP with Salesforce

It’s simple. Salesforce is not first and foremost designed for larger email campaigns (limiting users to 1,000 daily sends and 250 recipients per list). It is designed for sales efficiency. So we bridge the gap with a third party email service provider that can integrate well with Salesforce. Third party ESPs help you create large-scale email campaigns and then generate responsive and informative feedback related to campaign effectiveness.

What Functionality to Expect from an ESP

With a third party ESP, you have a lot of robust features to get excited about. First, you can segment your contacts into targeted groups of consumers. This ensures that you send your audiences information relevant to their interests. This helps foster a more positive experience, and this is what great marketing is all about.

Through campaign management settings, these third party ESPs also spawn reactive data points to help you hone in on key campaign takeaways. By interpreting and dissecting this information, you gain greater insight to the finer details of your approaches — who opened your emails? Clicked on your links? Cried spam? Unsubscribed or opted out? Bounced? And so on. When you know what’s broken, or what’s working, it’s much easier to fix — or build on!

Choosing the Right Third Party ESP — How the Industry Heavyweights Stack Up

When you choose a third party ESP to integrate with Salesforce, it’s important to determine if the application is native or non-native to Salesforce.

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