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Which is the Best Press Release Service for You? PR Newswire vs. PRWeb


Let’s examine the options you have when choosing a top press release service, as well as highlight some of the best press release services out there today. And before you shake your head and say, “I don’t need to pay someone to do this for me,” stop and think for a second. No matter if you’re an independent business owner excited about a new project, or a marketing director for a Fortune 500 company looking to promote a new product, selecting the best press release service will be a vital part of making sure your message gets out—and stays out.

Let’s start with cost

Nothing these days is free. That’s for certain. So, when you begin looking for your ideal PR service, ask yourself how much you’re willing and able to spend and what type of quality you’re looking for. Choosing a cheap/free service that offers a bare-bones menu of help will often times end up costing you time, effort, money and exposure — hence “nothing these days is free.”

When deciding between the best press release services PR Newswire and PRWeb, “the biggest difference is cost,” says Erika Gimbel of Fine Point Writing. And we couldn’t agree more.

A company like PRWeb offers up their menu of choices by categorizing them into packages. Their pricing ranges from a “Basic Package” of $99 per press release to a “Financial Package” that costs $499 per press release. Obviously the lower you go, the fewer services you ultimately end up getting.

PR Newswire follows a similar pricing strategy by creating several packages a consumer can purchase. These packages range from the “SearchReach” option starting at $129 per release to the “WebReach Plus” service that starts at $399 per release.

But it’s not all about the cost

The reason we highlight PRWeb and PR Newswire is because they are considered to be the best press release distribution services on the market today. Each service boasts strategies designed to get their clients the maximum amount of exposure at an affordable rate, with all the little add-ons anyone could want or need.

PR Newswire calls itself the “authoritative source” of news and information for leading global media organizations. It boasts having the world’s largest network capable of getting your work into the hands of credentialed journalists, bloggers and key influencers at the local, state, regional, national, international and global level. But before you sign up, here are a few key points to know about this particular press release service:

Headquarters: New York

Parent Company: UBM plc, a focused international media group based in the U.K.

Service: “Distribute, Amplify, Track & Manage” — PR Newswire boasts an end-to-end content and news production and distribution service designed to meet the needs of clients small, medium and large.

How it works: A client must first become a member in order to use the various PR Newswire services. In addition to the sign-up process, a consumer must also pay for a specific level of service as mentioned earlier.

PRWeb deems itself as “the world’s most socially-shared news release service”capable of earning you big publicity, better online visibility and new customers. It boasts more monthly releases and more site traffic than its next competitor, and claims its releases are referenced more than twice as often as the closest competitor.

Headquarters: Beltsville, Maryland.

Parent Company: Cision, a provider of integrated PR software that helps businesses reach and influence buyers across social networks, online and through media.

Service: “Publicity, Publicity, Publicity” — PRWeb features a multi-faceted process that will drive traffic, generate sales, get publicity, save money and ultimately allow the consumer to craft their ideal PR campaign.

How it Works: Rather than become a member, a client can sign up for a free account that allows them a minimal amount of services. The consumer also has the option to up the ante, so to speak, by purchasing additional services based on their specific needs.

Choosing the best press release service can make the difference between your story ending up above the fold, or stranded in someone’s inbox for ages. It may also seem overwhelming, but it can be an exciting process that in the end will yield results.

Before going at it alone, we encourage you to do your homework, ask around and find the right service that proves it is the best for you.

And if you have any questions in the hunt, we’re always here to chat—find us on Twitter or send us a note.

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