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Why the Best SEO Strategy Can Fail

An Education for All Content Creators and SEO Marketing Specialists.

Caution: The following is a true story of how an inbound marketing content creator attempted to use a SEO strategy solely focused on keywords and failed miserably. No writers or SEO marketing specialists were harmed in the making of this post.

When I was first assigned this blog post my goal was to tell the “other” story of search engine optimization. The tall task given to me was to explain why the best SEO services used by some of the top SEO companies involve much more than just a heavy keyword focused strategy. My original targeted keywords included “best SEO services” and “top SEO companies.”

Initially my idea was to gush about all of the “other” elements of an effective SEO strategy. I was planning on talking about things like link building, creating awesome content and enlisting pay per click campaigns.

This is an introduction that I initially came up with (Note: keywords in bold):

Top SEO companies all around the country understand that one of the fundamental cornerstones of inbound marketing is finding a way to develop top notch SEO services that not only produce results, but further engage readers on a consistent basis.

These award winning SEO companies, the likes of which we consider ourselves to be among, not only live, eat and breathe the best SEO services, but they make sure their clients do as well. But coming up with these best-in-class SEO services is much more complex than just plugging in popular keywords throughout a blog post and hitting publish. Most top SEO companies and what we’ve likely told you in the past is that a good SEO strategy entails the following:”

Shortly after writing this it occurred to me that what I had just written was straight garbage.

Despite being totally accurate, it was crap. I couldn’t help but come away with the feeling that what I had just created was something filled with forced keywords mixed with some savvy SEO speak and that was really it. I had basically just written something that has been written countless other times, only in a different way. It was by most all accounts an EPIC FAIL of SEO strategy.

So, in an effort to gain some more clarity on how to freshly approach the subject of SEO strategy, I began to pore over some of our past SEO articles like SEO for Business is No Longer an Option–It’s Essential and SEO Strategy: What Your Marketing Agency Should Already Know in hopes of finding the answer. Trust me, I learned a lot. But after reading the latter I couldn’t help but walk away with this one line written by Vital’s esteemed SEO superstar Dave Currier (aka SEO Dave):

“The truth of the matter when it comes to an SEO strategy is that what was relevant yesterday can quickly become irrelevant today.”

It was here that I learned this valuable lesson about SEO: the best SEO services are created knowing that they could easily change at the drop of a hat. And with this in mind, I decided that I would set out on a journey to seek the relevant advice I needed to create an awesome post never written before about SEO strategy.

My trek across the office scape was daunting. MacBook in hand, I traversed the wilds controlled by the Project Management team and made the leap from designer-land to a region within Vital heavily controlled by designers. After wading through the dense website development terrain of computer monitors I finally found the world famous SEO strategist in the flesh, holding a French press.

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