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Tutorial: Vital Does Auto Decals

Creating a full vehicle wrap can be a daunting task for a designer. They just seem so complicated, particularly placing them on these fancy new futuristic models. Luckily, there is a wealth of helpful hints and tutorials online, and in keeping with the Web tradition of Vital helping out our fellow graphic designers, here is a quick walkthrough of our process and the slick final product.

Step 1 – Vehicle Wrap Make/Model/Year

In this case we dealt with a 2008 Hyundai Accent for our friends at Nerd 1-1. The Hyundai ended up being a great model for our first foray into the vehicle wrap world, mostly due to it being relatively small and sleek– so that initial urge to make the graphic design look like a street racer actually worked!

Why is this important?

Beyond the obvious reasons, you will need the specifics. You can skewer the links below to try and find a pre-built Adobe® Illustrator® artboard template.

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