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Marketing Before Taxes

The holidays are over and you’re back at your office fighting the good fight and facing a grim economy. With the New Year upon us, there’s still time to invest in your company before you close the books on 2008. And there’s no better time to focus on marketing than during a down economy. This is when it’s crucial to stay in touch with core customers who bring most of your sales. And to continue building a pipeline of new prospects.

A few questions to ask yourself:

1. Is your marketing collateral current?

2. How about the content, graphics and functionality on your website?

3. Do you contact your clients regularly with email marketing or newsletters?

4. Have you explored or learned about Social Media Networking as a marketing tool?

5. Have you planned your marketing strategy and budget for 2009?

6. Can Public Relations pay off for your organization?

Obviously, these are all in Vital Design’s wheel house, but it’s a great time to consider investing in your company rather than the federal government.

Marketing Budget

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Marketing Budget

To help you with this process, we’ve created a Sample Marketing Budget Template, which is broken up by categories and includes all the formulas needed to calculate your balance each month, as well as your annual marketing budget, overall and by category.