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Your SEO Strategy: What Some SEO Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Local SEO Company Debunks Secretive SEO Strategy Brouhaha. The SEO strategy stratosphere is highly competitive.

SEO for Manufacturers

An Introduction to SEO for Manufacturers As a manufacturing company, you have unique challenges when it comes to attracting customers to your website through SEO. At Vital, we commonly work with manufacturing and industrial clients who come to us with websites that aren’t getting enough traffic through organic search.

Why the Best SEO Strategy Can Fail

An Education for All Content Creators and SEO Marketing Specialists. Caution: The following is a true story of how an inbound marketing content creator attempted to use a SEO strategy solely focused on keywords and failed miserably. No writers or SEO marketing specialists were harmed in the making of this post.

SEO for Higher Education: Leveraging Organic & Paid Search Strategies to Draw Future Students to Your Site

How do today’s students find the colleges and degree programs they want to attend? They Google it, of course. Online search is the top method for starting the college decision journey, and thanks to Google’s most recent college search features, it’s easier than ever for prospective students to compare colleges at a glance.

What is SEO?

You probably know that SEO stands for search engine optimization…but what is SEO?  It is the process of optimizing your website to look as good as possible to the search engine crawlers that determine how to rank websites.

Why You Should Ignore That Unsolicited Email From That “SEO Expert”

SEO scam alert! Every time you receive an unsolicited email sent by a self-described SEO expert from a faraway land promising to unlock the secrets of search engine optimization – beware. Odds are your helpful-sounding new “friend” is an email spammer/SEO scammer.

Magento SEO for 2020: Tips for Extensions, Hosting, Design & More

Implementing an SEO strategy on a Magento 2 site is a process. You need careful planning, experienced developers, SEO strategists, and designers, as well as a high level of technical proficiency with Magento 2’s code and server configuration.

SEO Strategy: What Your Marketing Agency Should Already Know

Is an SEO strategy link building? Is it content creation? Is it social media spread? Or is it somehow something completely new that no one’s even thought of yet? Over the past few years, the SEO industry has really been turned on its head.

8 Strategies for Fintech SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the pillars of a solid fintech digital marketing strategy. Showing up at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for keywords your potential customers are using can have a huge positive impact on your business.

SEO for Business is No Longer an Option–It’s Essential

Part 2 in our series on how to rock your marketing in 2013.

Is Your Old SEO Strategy Dragging Down Your Website?

Keep your SEO Strategy current or you will be penalized. By Chris Getman, Vital Design’s Director of Interactive Strategy The job of an SEO has changed significantly over the past 12 months.

Why Quality SEO Landing Pages Matter to Your Website

SEO  is unfortunately sometimes sold as a “black box” product.  You’ve heard that you need it, and the result—ranking number one in search results—certainly sounds enticing.  But some SEO firms are loath to tell you exactly how they’re accomplishing all of this, and if they’re using shady tactics, you will be the one who gets punished.

Your SEO Checklist: 9 Steps to Publish Successful WordPress Blog Posts

Thorough SEO is the key to enhancing blog post reach and readership. Like completing a puzzle, finishing a blog post feels damn good — and today, WordPress continues to be a popular blogging platform option.

Does Video Improve Organic SEO Rankings? A Quick Case Study

So you want to drive more traffic to your website through search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. You probably already know that you have to pay attention to technical SEO and link-building as well as creating rich, valuable content on topics that people are searching for.

Which SEO Strategy Best Suits Your Site?

A question we are asked a lot in the agency world is, “Can SEO help me?” The answer is always yes, no matter what type of website you have.

Boost Your SEO With Link-Building Friends

Backlinks still matter when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). But these days it’s all about quality, not quantity. We caught up with Digital Marketing Strategist and backlinking whiz Rylee Leonard to learn how Vital’s link-building team is scaling high-quality links through networking.

How to Create Video Content That is SEO Gold

You’ve heard us talk about how much we love video before—it’s easy to produce, visual, and people love it. There is also great potential to turbo charge your video content for SEO. In one study, researchers found that videos are 50 times more likely to be found in search than text content.

Increase Page Speed and SEO Scores with the Latest Image Optimization Tool for WordPress

One simple image optimization plug-in could be the secret weapon for faster page load times and higher SEO scores. The Vital website relies on images to communicate brand values, generate interest, inform, captivate our audience, and more.

SEO Specialist Job Opportunity at Vital

Join our awesome team of digital marketing experts as our newest SEO Specialist! You will help Vital build and enhance website SEO strategies using the latest and greatest front end technologies.

How Brand Architecture Can Lead to Better SEO and Search Engine Results

Are you looking to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine ranking for your business? Here’s a conversation we’ve had with certain companies who are on the hunt but lack a strong brand architecture:

What Your SEO Strategy Is Missing: The Social Media Boost

So you think you’ve executed an effective SEO strategy — you’ve brought all your collateral under a single domain, named your pages in a thoughtful way and used appropriate keywords throughout your content — but what about social media?

Should You Use ChatGPT for Content Marketing & SEO?

With the introduction of ChatGPT and other AI tools for writing, some marketers are predicting that AI will replace professional copywriters for SEO and content marketing. If you’re involved with content marketing, you may be wondering if AI is a faster, less costly alternative to professional copywriting.

Best SEO and Digital Marketing Blogs Every Marketing Director Should Read

What blogs do you read? This is one of the first questions we ask in an interview—whether it’s an interview for a new Vital employee or an interview with a new client. The blogs that someone reads speaks volumes about how informed they are, and if they are paying attention to the digital marketing industry.

10 Proven, Surefire Tips to Improve Your Local SEO

We all struggle with one very common, unavoidable obstacle – competitors. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and as a local business, it’s crucial to be the biggest dog in town. Going up against companies that have auto-generated local listings or businesses that have been in the local SEO game for years will be tough to beat.

SEO Trends and Influences: Social Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends and techniques seem to change with the tides. But the introduction and huge popularity of social networking has taken things to a whole new level that lets businesses get to know more about your customers and their needs than ever before.

Vital Attends HubSpot’s #INBOUND14 in Boston, MA for SEO Strategy and Inbound Marketing Expertise

As an award-winning inbound marketing agency with a focus on SEO strategy, you’ll never guess where we were last week. Vital was proud to send ten members of our inbound team to the annual four-day HubSpot INBOUND marketing conference in Boston.

Vitalian | Bridging SEO and Google Ads & a PM with a Puzzle Manufacturing Background

A fresh perspective on the market and what’s going on with us. Here’s some advice from one of our favorite experts. “Creating content without performance insight risks wasting valuable time and resources. Running Google Ads should influence your SEO strategy; it’s really important to bridge the two.

It’s a Mozcation Sensation in Portsmouth!

{Hey wait, what’s Mozcation?} SEO Moz is a Seattle-based SEO analytics software company that holds several conferences a year, but they’re mainly in big cities (and not everyone has the time or money to travel to them).

Vitalian | Boost Your SEO in 2023

Boost Your SEO in 2023 by Making “Link-Building Friends.” With the major search engines constantly tweaking their algorithms to deliver a better search experience (looking at you, Google), search engine optimization (SEO) never gets boring.

How Google’s AI-Powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) Will Impact SEO (and What to Do About It)

We’ve written before about the potential benefits and perils of using AI to generate SEO content.

University Website Problem: Design, SEO, Hosting, & Management [New Data]

Have you ever wondered why the University of Phoenix keeps outranking your university for certain keywords? You’re not alone if the answer is yes.

Internal Linking: The SEO Strategy You Just Realized You Need

When it comes to link building, every SEO in the biz has go-to tips and tricks for getting those juicy external links directed back to your site. These links are great because they provide context and credibility to your site.

Welcome to 2013 at Vital Design!

2012 was a big year for us—we added some incredible talent to the Vital team and in doing so expanded our service offerings. Our web and SEO team is bigger than ever, and we are producing websites, social media campaigns and SEO strategies that are more powerful, measurable and effective than ever before. Once again we were lucky to be the marketing partner for the New Hampshire Film Festival, and in its 12th year the festival enjoyed its biggest year to date. We were also recognized with two notable awards this year -- the BuyerZone Best of the Blogs award for Small Business Blog and Business NH magazine’s award for the Coolest Small Company for Young Professionals. We want to take this opportunity to recap some of the topics that were most important to our clients and blog readers this year, and to preview what’s in store for 2013. We have just launched our brand new website, and we can't wait to see what 2013 will bring.

Vitalian | Site Speed Optimization & a Halloween Candy Showdown

How to Optimize Your Site for Google’s Latest Algorithm Update When it comes to SEO, Google likes to keep us on our toes, with frequent updates to its algorithm in order to provide better, more targeted search results.

The Art & Science of Winning Featured Snippets on Google (+ 3 Success Stories)

For years, Vital’s digital marketing clients have come to us for help with search engine optimization (SEO), with the goal of driving more traffic to their websites by appearing higher on the search engine results page (SERP) for more relevant keywords — with position one naturally being the most sought-after.

Ten Reasons Our Inbound Marketing Agency Can’t Wait for #INBOUND14

Hubspot Agency Partner Vital to Join Other Top Inbound Marketers at Hubspot’s Annual Inbound Conference. Vital is SUPER EXCITED to be joining other top inbound marketers in Boston for Hubspot’s Inbound 2014, an annual event put on by Hubspot that features the latest in marketing industry trends and strategies.

Keyword Research Tools for Intelligent SEO

Choosing the right keywords for your website or marketing strategy is vital. The right keywords can attract relevant traffic that will convert, but the wrong ones can lead to wasted time and resources. Finding the right keyword research tools will help make this process faster, more efficient, and more effective.

YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia: A Digital Marketing Comparison

Video is marketing gold. As we reported in our blog post, Top 3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Videos, “Viewers are consuming video content more than ever before and that trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon.” Need proof? Videos on websites are proven to: Increase traffic by as much as 41%.

eCommerce Top Trends & SEO Strategies including AI & Voice Search [w/ link to Webinar – Vital’s Max DesMarais & WP Engine]

Staying on Top of eCommerce Trends with Director of Strategy Max DesMarais In case you haven’t noticed, eCommerce is kind of a big deal these days. According to Forbes, 20.8% of retail purchases took place online in 2023.

Search Query Q&A | Search Engine Optimization Tips & Best Practices

As a Senior Digital Strategist at Vital, a top digital marketing agency with offices in Boston, San Francisco, and Portsmouth, NH, I get a lot of questions regarding search engine optimization. Some of the questions I get are simple, while some require a little more SEO expertise.

SEO Dave’s Foolproof Guide to Tracking Forms Using Google Analytics & Tag Manager

In this post, I’m going to be covering the best practices I follow when tracking form conversions. At Vital, our reporting has evolved over time depending on the needs of our project management team and our clients.

11 Website Features You MUST Have

It is time. Your website, built years ago on an outdated platform, is showing its age. You’re embarrassed to send clients there, it has out-of-date information, and nobody can find it on Google. Plus, it takes your web developer two weeks to update it because just the thought of working on it makes them queasy.

Getting Started with Fintech Digital Marketing Strategy (8 steps)

As an Account Strategist who works with fintech brands, I can tell you that times are a little tough for fintech these days. We saw fintech funding fall in 2022 — a 64% decrease year-over-year since the industry high in 2020 (CBINSIGHTS).

Demystifying Core Web Vitals: Webinar

If you’re as obsessed with optimizing WordPress websites for search (SEO) as we are at Vital, you won’t want to miss this recent webinar hosted by WPEngine and featuring our very own Director of Development, Matt Chase. The topic? Demystifying Core Web Vitals for WordPress.

How to Make Your Site More Visible on Google

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about showing up in search results for keywords and phrases that are valuable to your business. Most of the time, marketers focus on trying to improve their page ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) — and with good reason.

A Complete Guide to Inbound Marketing for Fintech

A top-priority goal of every fintech marketer is to get more high-quality leads that develop into sales. But while the goal might be the same, the strategy and tactics that will help you hit your numbers vary greatly from brand to brand. That’s because no two fintech companies’ products or customers are the same.

8 Reasons Why Fortune 500 Companies Use the WordPress CMS

Since 34% of the internet is powered by WordPress (that’s 75,000,000+ websites!) and dozens upon dozens of Fortune 500 companies trust it to display their brand to the world, it’s probably a good idea to consider the content management system for your own website.

How to Rank Higher in Search Engines (w/ Free Ebook)

“We need to be at the top of search engine results.” That’s what we all want, right? Google’s algorithm is constantly changing to serve up what it thinks people are really looking for.

Optimizing Pay-Per-Click Campaigns for Business

Running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign via Google AdWords is a good way to drive traffic to your small business’ website immediately. Once you have a campaign running, have accrued substantial traffic data and feel you have a general handle on your strategy, it’s time to optimize your PPC strategy.

Top 16 Higher Education Marketing Trends for 2024

Higher education marketing trends are changing so quickly, it can be tough to keep up. Growing levels of student debt and changing attitudes about the value of a college education have contributed to declining enrollment numbers over the past decade, making it more crucial than ever to communicate the tangible value of a college degree.

How to Set Up Google Places For Your Business

We work with a lot of businesses to help with SEO and marketing here in NH and each one would like to be at the top of Google results for certain search terms. But one of the easiest ways to get there is the free, local search tool Google offers called Google Places.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress as an Enterprise-Level Solution

You’re an enterprise company. You need a new website. You’d better start shopping for the latest complicated CMS, right? Think again. There is absolutely no need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a proprietary enterprise content management system.

5 Proven B2B Digital Marketing Strategies [With Case Studies]

Only a few years ago, it was pretty easy to beat the competition at B2B digital marketing — because B2B companies weren’t doing much digital marketing at all. Today, everything has changed.

Six Social Networks You’re Not Using to Their Full Potential

You’ve probably noticed that Vital Design is into social media marketing. As a marketing agency, we try to keep up with the latest trends in social media and SEO.

6 Reasons NOT To Write a Web Design or Marketing RFP

Looking for the best digital agency to help with web design or digital marketing? If so, then it’s probably time you construct a meticulously detailed inbound marketing, SEO or website RFP outlining the project’s parameters and expectations and then send the web RFP out to a half-dozen or more digital agencies, right? Wrong.

Which CMS is Best? WordPress CMS vs HubSpot COS/CMS

Choosing the right content management system (CMS) largely depends on your goals, your resources and, in some cases, your industry. At Vital we are an open-source shop — these days we typically build in WordPress, Drupal and Magento with the occasional Hubspot COS/CMS build. We’ve been doing this since 2001, so we’ve come across it all.

Say Hello to Abraham and Ichabod

The team at NH website design firm, Vital Design is excited to launch Abraham & Ichabod Arts, a new website for children’s author and illustrator Joseph A. Vitterito II MD. The cheery, whimsical site introduces Abraham R. Chuzzlewit–Vitterito’s dog and literary alter ego–and Vitterito himself, a local neonatologist and “the guy who holds Abraham’s pencil.

Vital’s Newest Hires Well-Versed in ABCs of Digital Marketing & Design

With nonstop focus on SEO and UX, CTAs and KPIs, the language of digital marketing can sometimes take on the flavor of alphabet soup to the untrained ear. So, it is essential for each of our new hires to demonstrate complete mastery of their ABCs.

How Custom Integrations Help Your Website Work for You

It’s no secret why so many companies (including web design companies) use WordPress. It’s a very stable, mature platform with a huge community of developers, an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) and a massive library of plugins — it can do basically anything you need it to do.

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

In today’s B2B manufacturing market, prospective clients are increasingly reliant on online research to help them determine which companies to work with. According to Gartner, over 79% of B2B buyers use supplier websites at every stage of the buyer’s journey, from problem identification to creating internal consensus about which supplier to purchase from.

How to Choose a Higher Education CMS

If we had to pick one word to describe college and university website development, it would be: complex. Many — if not most — higher education institutions have multiple websites, and each of those websites is often home to multiple subdomains for different departments, degree types, and administrative centers.

10 Higher Education Website Design Ideas to Boost Enrollment

Colleges and universities have it tough these days when it comes to attracting new students. Why? According to enrollment data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, higher education enrollment declined 3.1% from spring 2021 to spring 2022 — with an additional decline of 0.

Top B2B Online Lead Generation Strategies

Is your website driving leads for your business? High-quality leads that your sales team can close? Most B2B companies struggle with creating online lead generation strategies through their website. They’re unsure where to begin and how to begin. But like all companies, they know they need leads — better leads, and more of them.

Discipline and Fortitude: The Two Most Important Factors To Improve Your Digital Marketing Results

Anyone that gives you a definitive answer on when you can expect to see improved digital marketing results from your content marketing strategy is lying to you. The truth is, there’s no set amount of time you should wait to start seeing your metrics shoot up and to the right.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: 6 Characteristics to Consider

Vital’s First-Hand Experience As CEO of a digital marketing agency and inbound marketing convert, I’m always talking about the differences between inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing.

7 Marketing Strategies to Attract Students in 2024

If you work in higher education marketing, you know the challenges of attracting right-fit students and keeping up with your university’s enrollment targets.

The Top 10 Reasons Your Website Is Failing

Today’s digital marketing strategies are rapidly evolving, and, just like any evolution, there will be those who respond to this progress, and those who will drag their knuckles into extinction. To keep up with the e-Joneses, you really need to evaluate your website every 18–24 months.

Battle of the CMS: WordPress vs. Drupal

Like the Boston Red Sox vs. the New York Yankees, Coke vs. Pepsi and Tom Brady vs. inflated footballs, the WordPress vs. Drupal debate is a never-ending disagreement that may never reach a consensus.

Vitalian | Multiple Marketing Budgets & Treasure Hunts

Director of Digital Marketing Chris Getman drops some knowledge about getting more bang for your marketing buck. Maximize Your Digital Marketing ROI A lot of companies doing digital marketing think they need to focus on one big goal, such as increasing conversions on their website, and put their entire budget into accomplishing this.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog…Now

If you manage social media for a small business, you’ve probably wondered where you should spend the bulk of your social media time. Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? The answer: none of the above. Stop spending hours out of your week on Twitter and Facebook, and instead spend more time developing content.

Magento vs. OpenCart: Which ecommerce solution is right for your business?

Magento vs OpenCart eCommerce Platforms When we are building an ecommerce site, clients often ask us which e-commerce platform is right for them. Magento vs Opencart …which one? Is BigCommerce better than OpenCart Ecommerce? Magento vs ZenCart? WooCommerce? Demandware Commerce vs? etc. Our answer… there is no one-size-fits-all solution for ecommerce.

A Checklist to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

There’s no question that LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. With over 238 million users, LinkedIn has proven that professionals want a social network dedicated to networking, professional growth and recruiting.

How to Choose a Top Inbound Marketing Agency

Finding Your Ideal Inbound Marketing Agency So you’re in the market to hire an inbound marketing agency? Luckily there are many effective strategies when it comes to selecting your new marketing partner.

HTTPS: What It Does, Why You Need It and How to Get It

HTTP has been around since the very beginning of the internet in the late 1980s.

Building Native with Gutenberg, the WordPress Block Editor vs. Elementor and Divi

In 2018, WordPress released the WP Block Editor, also known as Gutenberg — a new way of building and designing web pages that replaced its old TinyMCE editor (or Classic Editor).

Vitalian | PPC Feedback Loops & a Christmas Movie Bracket

How to Get More Than Just Clicks From Your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is usually viewed as a one-way street to drive visitors to landing pages, but it’s a great place to mine data that can be used to improve your other digital marketing tactics. Surprised? Don’t be.

Google Responsive Search Ads 101: A Complete Guide

Google Search Ads are at the heart of many business’ paid digital advertising strategy — and for good reason. Data from Search Engine Land shows that Google gets 92.63% of worldwide searches across all devices. And with an average conversion rate across all industries of 4.2% — as opposed to 0.

Higher Education PPC Advertising: Tips for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

As college and university enrollments decrease nationwide — and we face the prospect of even sharper declines with the “demographic cliff” — competition for new students is getting hotter.

How Today’s Colleges and Universities are Using Social Media

It’s no surprise that colleges have embraced social media. Today’s students have grown up communicating and sharing experiences on social media sites like Facebook and are now helping grow the popularity of newer platforms such as Instagram.

Clicks to Clients: Get Your Internet Marketing To Kick Some Ass

If you’re not using the Internet to market your company and get found by prospects through search engines, please accept our invitation to join the 21st century. We kid! But seriously, people want to pay you money for your services or products.

Web Design Lessons from Snowtober

  Caramel apple? Treat. Snickers bar? Treat. Blizzard before Halloween? Definitely a trick. A pre-Halloween storm that dumped as much as 30 inches of snow on some areas of New England and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands was among Mother Nature’s most fearsome pranks.

Don’t Hire a Digital Marketing Agency That Doesn’t Have These 5 Qualities

A great digital marketing agency can do wonders for your business.

The Top 10 WordPress Plugins Your Website Needs

Fact: WordPress now powers 28.4% of all websites on the internet. “We welcome thousands of new sites every day,” the industry behemoth says on its own WordPress-powered website. “From small business websites, artist portfolios, and blogs to giant media websites like TIME and CNN.

Hey Alexa, How Do I Optimize for Voice Search?

“Hey Alexa — Can you order more paper towels?” “Hey Siri — Where is the nearest gas station?” “Hey Google — How late is Starbucks open?” If you’re not already using voice search, you’ve definitely seen the commercials on TV.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan [+ Free Template]

Picture this: You own or work at a successful company, one that’s looking to increase its customer base and expand in the next few years.

Navigating the College Enrollment Cliff: 10 Strategies for Higher Education Institutions

Demographic shifts are already impacting higher education enrollment — and the situation is forecasted to get worse before it gets better. Here are 11 practical strategies to successfully navigate the enrollment cliff.

Three Online Marketing Steps For Your Small Business In 30 Minutes Or Less

Online marketing can be daunting for small business owners. You know you need it. But where to begin? These few quick online marketing tasks can get you started and each could be done in about 30 minutes or less. They can be performed in-house or by your Web developer.

Put Some Zing in Your Business Blog

Business Blog – do it and do it right! Psst. Hey, you. Yes, you. We love that you have a blog for your business, but the thing is…it’s a little blah. It’s nothing personal. We get it.

Search Engine Referrals: Bye Bye, Rolodex

Everyone knows that one guy who knows everybody. Need a good mechanic? Ask him. Searching for a physical therapist? He knows somebody. That guy is a great friend to have. But he’s got a competitor who’s getting bigger and smarter every day: Google.

Digital Marketing Agency Vital Design Named to Top 10 Companies to Watch List

Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency Recognized for Rapid Growth. Business NH Magazine in its September issue named Vital Design as one of the 2014 Top 10 Companies to Watch—a designation we here at the digital marketing agency couldn’t agree with more.

Why Google’s Mobile Update Will Tank Your Website’s Traffic

A mobile-friendly mushroom cloud is coming—is your website prepared? Appropriately dubbed “Mobilegeddon,” the Google algorithm update unleashed on April 21 (today) effectively ups the ante on mobile-friendly websites as a ranking signal.

Content Marketing Pro and Web Developer Extraordinaire Join Vital!

What do these two — a content marketing pro and web developer extraordinaire— have in common? Sure, they both write stuff (one writes word, the other writes code). Sure, they both develop stuff (one develops content, the other develops websites). But most importantly, they are both the newest additions to Team Vital.

Vital Hires “Big Three” for Project Management, PPC and Web Development Positions

Remember the original Big Three in Boston? You know, the star-studded trio of basketball players who helped lead the Boston Celtics to an NBA championship in 2008? Well, this post has nothing to do with them.

4 Steps to a Fool-Proof Video Marketing Strategy

We’re willing to bet that much of the information you gather while browsing the web comes through videos. You are not alone. Video is a HUGE part of the modern internet user’s experience and expectations, making a solid video marketing strategy an absolute must-have.

Mobile-First Indexing and How It Affects Your Search Rankings

Let’s face it – as digital marketers, we know our audiences are most often consuming our content on their mobile devices. According to Google, 60% of web searches are done from a smartphone. It doesn’t take an analytics genius to understand that mobile-first indexing simply makes sense.

Manufacturer Marketing Growth Study: Bobcat

Chances are that if you’re in the manufacturing industry, you’ve heard of leading compact equipment manufacturer Bobcat. The company was founded by an entrepreneur in 1947 and has grown exponentially over the past 70+ years. A significant part of that growth has come in recent years due to their serious commitment to digital marketing.

B2B eCommerce Website & Marketing Strategies

What is B2B eCommerce? When you think about eCommerce, Amazon and eBay are likely the first two companies that come to mind. Since they generate sales from businesses to consumers, they interact “B2C.” But in this post, we’re going to shift our attention to “B2B eCommerce,” or, sales from business to business through online channels.

Vitalian | The Block Editor & Two Hermit Crabs

Jesse Rand, Vital’s Creative Director, explains how WordPress hit it out of the park with their newest editor. Farewell, WYSIWYG and Classic Editor — Hello, Block Editor Every once in a while, a tool comes along that allows our web design and development team to be more creative and more efficient at the same time.

Vitalian | Focusing on What Works

Focus on What Works with Marketing Attribution Digital marketing is a data-lover’s paradise. With the right reporting tools, you can track clicks and conversions on your email campaigns, PPC ads, blog posts, website forms, and pretty much any other online lead-generation tactics you invest in.

Strategic Guide to Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers

If you polled a group of industrial or B2B manufacturing companies about their inbound marketing strategy five years ago, you would probably be met with blank stares.

8 Key Elements of Manufacturing Website Design (+Examples From Outstanding Manufacturers)

If you work in marketing for a manufacturing or industrial company, you know how important your digital presence is — and your website is the most important piece of that presence. But these days it’s not enough to simply have a manufacturing website that tells people who you are and how to get in touch.

Email Marketing for Manufacturers: Why It’s Important & How to Get Started

If you’ve ever tried to get to “inbox zero,” you know firsthand just how crowded the email marketing space is these days. In fact, according to Statista, 347.3 billion emails were sent per day in 2023.

The 16 Marketing KPIs You Should Be Measuring (But Probably Aren’t)

Do you have any idea what makes your company’s marketing efforts successful? Any clue as to your business’ marketing performance? Any hint of why your company is doing well—or not so well? Understanding what’s working and what’s not working in marketing—otherwise known as your marketing’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI)—should be an imperative part of your…

How to Write a Marketing Plan: A Comprehensive Guide [w/ Template]

Trying to market your business without a plan is a little like going on a road trip without GPS. You’ll end up somewhere, but it’s anyone’s guess where — and you might find yourself worse off than when you started. Let’s not let that happen.

Your Business Can’t Afford Another Day Without a Digital Marketing Agency

As a business owner, you don’t have the time or resources to train yourself on marketing in the digital age—and you shouldn’t even try. Even the most capable business owners can’t be their own marketing experts—they need a full-service digital marketing agency.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Videos

Video is one of the most important tools for a digital marketing strategy. Viewers are consuming video content more than ever before and that trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. One-third of online activity is spent watching video.

It’s Time to Spruce Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

Now is the time to tackle those lingering housekeeping items concerning your marketing strategy! Seriously. Don’t put it off any longer. Chances are this is something you’ve been “meaning to get to” for a while, yet you just haven’t found the time or energy to do so.

8 Ways Your WordPress Blog Design Is Alienating Your Customers

How to Avoid The Don’ts of WordPress Blog Design The WordPress blog design that you choose is paramount to the success of your web-based literary persona—the lifeblood of your online image.

B2B Lead Generation Starts with Mapping the Buyer’s Journey

How and When to Communicate to Prospective Clients and Customers. Every great B2B lead generation strategy begins and ends with a keen understanding of the buyer’s journey.

Top Questions to Ask When Creating a Website Project Plan (w/ eBook)

Would you describe your website as disorganized, uninviting or outdated? If so, you’re not alone. The world wide web is brimming with woefully weak websites that not only fail to attract and nurture new customers but actually scare potential business away. Oh, what tangled web projects we weave when we don’t ask the right questions.

How to Find a Video Marketing Strategy That Drives Value

Video content is becoming an increasingly crucial element of today’s digital marketing strategy. A few years ago, it was things like infographics and eBooks that were all the rage.

The Single Best Approach to Improve Your Google Local Listing

Curious as to why your competitor outranks you in Google local search results?  In the words of the infamous Ricky Bobby: “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” At Vital, we prioritize search engine results and are prepared to offer you our strongest strategy to ranking in Google local: attain reviews.

What is Schema Markup? [And Why You Should Care]

Have you ever seen a rich snippet in your search results and wondered how it got there? This is accomplished with the use of schema markup.

Pardot vs. HubSpot: How to Choose the Best Marketing Platform

What makes a marketing automation tool “good”? Pardot and HubSpot, at this point, are both leaders in the field and are both excellent choices. That said, they each have some massive selling points that set them apart from one another in big ways. This Pardot vs.

Vital Takes Home 10 WebAwards for Website Design

In a perfect world, we’d give an award to every client we worked with in 2019. But we’ve had a really busy year of developing websites and digital marketing strategies, and our local trophy shop never has enough awards in stock.

Vitalian | Sig’s M2 Conversion & George Foreman III’s Former Employee

A fresh perspective on the market and what’s going on with us. Here’s some advice from one of our favorite experts. “Focusing on post-sale communication can create an amazing B2C-like buying experience for B2B sellers. B2C as a whole has worked really hard to communicate well with their customers.

24 Content Marketing Ideas for Manufacturers to Drive Leads

Content marketing plays a crucial role in guiding prospective buyers through the complex B2B sales funnel in the manufacturing industry.

A Complete Guide to PPC Strategy for Manufacturers

If you work in marketing at a manufacturing or industrial company, chances are that you are already using some form of paid digital advertising. A recent survey by IndustrialSage shows that 98% of manufacturers are using digital marketing tactics to generate sales-qualified leads. And pay-per-click (PPC) is likely part of that mix.

Homepage Banner Tips: How to Think Above the Fold

No pressure, but your homepage is one of the most important digital branding tools you’ll ever have. Scared? Don’t be! Vital launches 50+ websites a year, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to website design. That’s why we created a homepage design blog series to give you an insider’s perspective.

How Much Should You Spend on Higher Education Advertising? [The Complete Guide]

As the saying goes, you need to spend money to make money — that’s just as true for higher education institutions as it is for businesses, especially when it comes to advertising.

Writing a Website Design RFP? Read This Comprehensive Guide First (w/Bonus RFP Template)

The time has come for a new website (or a website redesign). For some organizations, that means that you need to write a website request for proposal, or web RFP.

Vital Launches

Vital Design designed and programmed a new website for Scenera Research http://www.sceneraresearch.

Love Your Site Like Your Scooter

Is it time to get your website updated? Don't let it go stale with old content.

Vital does Website Design for Waithaka Organics

Vital Design creates new website design and logo design for NH organic produce supplier Waithaka Organics.

You May Be Crazy If You’re Not Considering A Blog For Your Business

Don’t take this the wrong way. But there are so many reasons your small to medium-sized business can benefit from a blog that you might be crazy if you didn’t consider it. If you own or run a small to medium-sized business, I bet you can feel the economy improving.

Marketing Resolutions to Keep in 2012

It’s that time again: the halls are decked, the cookies are baking and your Web design crew is busy with lots of festive eblasts. But as soon as the wrapping paper is recycled and the last gallon of eggnog is chugged, it will be time to think about New Year’s resolutions.

Marketing Lessons from the NH Primary

Working at a Web design firm in the heart of historic Portsmouth, NH, we are lucky to have an inside view of all the New Hampshire primary hoopla.

What is a CTA?

So…What is a CTA? CTA stands for call to action. A call to action is a button (or simply a text link) that tells site users to do something—explore the site further, fill out a contact form, browse a portfolio etc.

Looking for an Awesome Summer Internship? Work at Vital!

Vital is a pretty sweet place to work. We have beach days, alley parties and occasionally we’ve got a dog, a baby or a baby dog hanging out in the office. In our spare time, Vital team members are also artists, marathoners, volunteers, film buffs, yoginis, skiers and guitarists.

Why You Should Be Creating Video For Your Brand

You’ve heard us say before that content creation is the key to a great social media strategy. But content creation is so much more than just blogging– it includes infographics, podcasts, videos and more.

Five ideas to keep your blog active

Transcript Someone’s probably told you that your business needs a blog. And they were right; it’s important. But a lot of businesses come to us with the same issue.

Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget — 10 Ways to Go Inbound in 2014

Outbound marketing is dead—and if your marketing budget is allocated for outbound marketing, you might as well flush that money right down the toilet.

Scripted’s Website Development : A Client / Agency Story

Award-Winning Vital Launches Best-In-Class Web Design for Top Tech Company Scripted Every once in a while a website development project comes along that redefines the way we think about form and functionality.

Vital Welcomes Halie Olszowy and Nicole O’Shaughnessy

Vital is super excited to welcome to the team Social Media Assistant Halie Olszowy and Content Marketing Specialist Nicole O’Shaughnessy. Halie Olszowy is a recent graduate from the University of New Hampshire and is just beginning her professional career with Vital.

Copywriter/Content Marketer

Vital is looking for a motivated and prolific copywriter, capable of creating content for a widely diverse collection of B2B and B2C clients.

Vital Launches Best-In-Class Ecommerce Website Integrating Magento and WordPress Integrates Best Ecommerce and Content Marketing Platforms. Vital is very excited to announce the launch of, a robust ecommerce website that was built using Magento and WordPress. One of the things that makes Vital different is our ability to use the best tools available and not relegate ourselves to just one solution.

Zac Gregg Talks Digital Marketing Strategy on NH Brand Project

If your potential customers are fish, then your digital marketing strategy is your net.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Specialist

We’re looking for an expert to help manage our PPC accounts. This person needs to be organized, understand business drivers and possess the communication skills needed to develop and maintain close relationships with clients.

Inbound Marketing Consultant

Vital is looking for an organized, experienced and energized inbound marketing consultant to join our team. Inbound marketing consultants at Vital have a critical role serving as the liaison between our clients and our production team. Our consultants oversee all activities required to help our clients meet their goals.

What It’s Like to Work at NH’s Fastest-Growing Digital Marketing Agency

You’ve probably noticed that our roster of talented professionals has grown considerably lately — so much so that we’ve actually been recognized as NH’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency! Sure, we’ve got an office in Boston and clients around the world, but we’re very proud to have our main headquarters in New Hampshire, where we started.

Web Developer Matt Chase & User Experience Geek Marc Frechette Join Vital!

Team Vital just keeps getting stronger. More versatile. More experienced. #TeamVital recently welcomed UX geek Marc Frechette and legendary web developer Matt Chase to our roster of Vitalians, making us all experience great joy.

Vital Welcomes Kelsey Smith, Marlana Carroll and Maria DiCesare

New Hires Bring Project Management Experience, Marketing Chops and Agency Copywriting Expertise to Vital As Vital grows, we continue to seek a very particular set of skills in candidates who join our team. Tons of agency experience is one critical requirement that our three newest Vitalians brought to the table.

The Best (and Worst) Question to Ask When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

You’re in the process of selecting a digital marketing agency and depending on where you are in that process, you’ve probably already completed the following tasks:

Why Computer-Generated Content is NOT the Future of Digital Marketing

Millions of years ago, our ancestors and their tiny brains were just starting to walk upright and learn how to make tools that could help them survive to see the ripe old age of 16.

Making the Case for Website Call Tracking

Website call tracking isn’t sexy. It doesn’t actively push traffic to your site or encourage visitors to convert. At first glance, it can be hard to understand how call tracking even works – making it even more difficult to justify as part of your marketing plan.

Vital’s Hires New “Employee” to Help Take Digital Agency to New Heights

We’re excited to announce we’ve added some internationally-renowned talent to our growing digital marketing agency.

Agency Advice: How to Apply For and Get a Job as a Visual Designer

So, you’ve done your research and you’ve found the agencies that you aspire to work at, but you want to make sure you don’t fall short in your application.

4 Steps to Creating a Successful Site Mapping Strategy

The site mapping phase of a website project is a strategic process that if done correctly, will set the tone for your entire website.

Tips for Creating an Enviable Homepage: Navigation and Header Design

You only get one chance to make a first impression. At Vital, we know this all too well. Launching 50+ websites a year for some of the biggest B2B and B2C brands in the world has taught us just how crucial the initial look and feel of the homepage is.

Blogging Best Worst Practices: 19 Tips on How Not to Blog

If you’re a blogger or digital marketer, chances are you’ve slogged through dozens of blogs about blogging.

How to Get Hired at a Top Digital Marketing Agency (w/ Bonus Cheat Sheet)

Agency life. We’ve all seen the photos posted on social media – the cool offices, the unique culture, the Silicon Valley-like perks, the cool clients.

Team Vital Adds (More) Marketing Talent — Meet Pearson, Mackin & Comeau

Pearson, Mackin & Comeau. If this sounds like a high-powered law firm, guess again. Cutting-edge accountants? Political strategists? Nope and nope. Here’s a clue: If you need high-level, results-oriented digital marketing strategy — call Pearson, Mackin & Comeau. Better yet, just call Vital.

Your Guide to ADA Website Compliance – Tips, Guidelines & Best Practices

Brick-and-mortar businesses have been responsible for complying with the ADA for almost 30 years. And now, with nearly everything we do involving some level of internet access, ADA web compliance is finally catching up to everyone with a website.

When Zac Met Mak: The Story of Vital India

There’s something not too many people know about Vital: In addition to our team of 15+ full-time and contract developers working from our offices in Portsmouth, NH, Boston, MA, and San Francisco, CA, we have a handful of developers working from our office in India! Even with the distance, the developers at our Vital India…

Magento 2 Migration: What You Need to Know

How Does Magento 2 Migration Work? Change is on the horizon for Magento. The popular eCommerce platform, which powers 1 in 4 eCommerce sites around the world and includes more than 250,000 merchants, is updating to Magento 2.

Vital Adds an MVP, Shawn McCarthy, to it’s All-Star Paid Digital Media Department

There’s no arguing the power of paid search in the world of digital marketing. Just last year, Google’s search and advertising tools helped 1.3 million businesses generate more than $335 billion nationwide. Add Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and private networks to the mix, and those staggering numbers only rise.

Benefits of Webinars During COVID-19 [Webinar Transcription]

With tradeshows, conferences, and events canceled for just about everyone, the new coronavirus — COVID-19 — is forcing businesses everywhere to pivot many of their marketing plans and strategies overnight. Marketers may be in crisis-mode right now, but the benefits of webinars present a new tactical opportunity.

How to Write Product Descriptions to Grow Sales

How to (Realistically) Write Product Descriptions to Grow Sales Want to learn how to write a product description that drives sales? We’ve put together this detailed guide to help you. Here, you’ll find product description writing tips, best examples, and common mistakes to avoid.

Vitalian | Design Systems and the Beverages that Keep Us Running

Vitalian April 2021 Vital Creative Director, Jesse Rand, Explains Why Today’s Brands Need a Design System Trying to digitally market your brand without a design system is like trying to walk a 300-pound gorilla without a leash.

Vitalian | Nail Your Website’s Navigation

Nail Your Website’s Navigation Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy.

Vitalian | Artificial Intelligence & Surviving Mud Season

Putting AI to Work in Digital Marketing Artificial intelligence is having a bit of a moment. With all the noise in the news, it can be hard to know whether these tools are friend or foe when it comes to digital marketing. The answer to that question lies in how you use it.

Welcome to the AI-assisted Digital Marketing Agency

At Vital, we are known for hiring the best. We are proud to have the most special specialists, the leading leaders, the most strategic strategists, the most well-developed developers, and the most creative creatives. (Our marketing coordinators and account managers are dang good, too, we just couldn’t think of a cute way to say it.

Attract More Job Candidates With Employer Branding [+ Mini Case Study]

When most people hear the word “branding” they think of brand names, logos, colors, slogans… all the things that turn a product or a service into a brand for its customers.

How to Create a Brand Messaging Framework You’ll Keep Coming Back To

When Nike unveiled its now-iconic “Swoosh” logo in 1971, it was way behind Adidas, which had been using its three-stripe logo since 1952. More than that, Adidias was by far the leading global athletic footwear brand at the time. Yet as of 2022, Nike had outperformed Adidas by more than $23 billion in revenue.

A Year in Review: Vital’s 2017 Digital Marketing Digest

Who’s ready for some nostalgia? We’re recapping the best of Vital for 2017! 

Higher Education Branding: 12 Strategies to Prove Your Institution’s Value to Tomorrow’s Students (w/ Examples)

The landscape of higher education is changing fast. Students are asking tough questions about whether going to college is worth it. They’re looking at the high costs and wondering what they’ll really get in return.