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What It Takes To Be An “Award-Winning” Website Design Agency

Vital Design award-winning website design agency

“We are an award-winning website design agency!” “Recognized by industry elite!” Lots of website development agencies boast about awards, but before you get too impressed, check out the awards they are referring to. While some industry publications are reputable, there are endless online awards that exist simply to make money.

Entry fees for web design awards average around $200.

Anyone can make up or buy an award to slap on their website. “Look, we’ve won the Acme Intergalactic Web Design of the Century Award!” But not everyone can make quality websites that look beautiful, serve your customers and drive leads.

Sure, we’ve won awards—some awards are worth winning. Recently, we won “Coolest Company For Young Professionals,” which meant a lot to us.  We’re very proud to have won this award in 2012, and we were happy to pass the honor along this year by presenting it to another great company just down the road. We will always strive to achieve truly meaningful awards.

We won’t buy awards—but we will continue to make amazing, award-worthy websites. Take for instance a few samples of our more recent work:

So, what does it take to be an “award-winning” website design and development agency? It takes making great websites, creating great content and making our clients happy.

Check out more of our work and let us know—do you think it’s award-winning?

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