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Team Vital Adds (More) Marketing Talent — Meet Pearson, Mackin & Comeau

Pearson, Mackin & Comeau.

If this sounds like a high-powered law firm, guess again. Cutting-edge accountants? Political strategists? Nope and nope. Here’s a clue: If you need high-level, results-oriented digital marketing strategy — call Pearson, Mackin & Comeau.

Better yet, just call Vital. Because these three super-talented marketing specialists are the newest members of our team. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Emma Pearson

Fluent in French, English and the lingua franca of digital marketing, Emma joins Vital as a senior content strategist specializing in branding and public relations.

As a skilled writer and PR professional, she has considerable experience building brands and growing the reputations of her clients through the creation of strategic content and communications programs. She’s a graduate of New York University, where she majored in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations.

Emma has experience working at several New York PR agencies in roles ranging from senior account executive to vice president, delivering for a spectrum of clients ranging from beauty and fashion companies to high-tech and consumer-tech firms.

She also likes wine — from a purely professional standpoint, of course. While working at a New York agency that specialized in promoting French wine, spirits and food, Emma helped core clients get TV and print media coverage in such big-name publications as Bon Appetit, Gourmet, The New York Times and Sports Illustrated. She’s also worked as an associate editor at Country Living magazine, where her range of responsibilities included writing travel, home building and home decorating features.

Emma has mastered the art of translating ideas into clear, compelling messaging (blog posts, press releases, story pitches, proposals, presentations, newsletters, website content, case studies, marketing collateral, you name it).

And she has a lot of fun doing it. Travel, skiing and connecting with nature are among her passions, as well as immersing herself in the interests and activities of her two children, ages 10 and 16.

Little-known fact: Thanks to her daughter, she is also conversant in early 21st-century Teen Lingo.

Jon Mackin

Part surfer, part digital marketing strategist, Jon knows all about gnarly pipelines and effective sales funnels. He joins Vital as a digital marketing strategist specializing in digital and business strategy.

This guy truly loves helping businesses grow and prosper. He brings a laser-focused approach to the job of crafting thoughtful, custom business development and digital marketing strategies that connect to each client’s vision, goals and opportunities. Understanding website user experience — and creating powerful integrated marketing solutions to optimize it — is one of his specialties.

Jon learned some of his mad skills while working at Mad*Pow, another highly respected digital agency where he served as digital marketing director. In previous jobs, he has managed SEO for a large tech firm and guided email, website and social media campaigns for a high-profile American automotive company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Fairfield University.

“My interest in digital marketing comes from being able to create exceptional digital experiences that drive positive business outcomes,” said Jon. “By tracking and monitoring those digital experiences, we can uncover what works and what doesn’t through analytics. Those insights create great excitement for me. By analyzing that data, I can continually improve user experiences, further driving positive business outcomes.”

Little-known fact: An esteemed man of letters, he loves tracking KPIs and nurtures MQLs and SQLs to drive ROI.

Marissa Comeau

Blessed with the singing voice of an angel, Marissa is also a devilishly talented writer, editor and content creator. She joins Vital as a content strategist specializing in information technology, technical editing and more. Prior to arriving at Vital, she worked as a site editor for TechTarget, a leading creator of in-depth technical content and IT news.

A graduate of Boston University, where she studied English and history, Marissa was a member of the BU Writers Workshop, a senior editor for the Coup d’Etat literary magazine and a member of Chordially Yours, an all-female a cappella group.

She is a self-professed “lover of all things spooky” (including ghost stories, horror movies, urban legends and, of course, Halloween). In her spare time, Marissa enjoys camping, hiking, singing, playing volleyball and more. She has hiked in the White Mountains and Acadia National Park, and dreams of one day hiking the Appalachian Trail.

But first, there is some serious work to be done — creating copy and content strategy for clients. And marketing appeals to both her creative and competitive sides. “If I’m going to do something, I want to be the best at it,” said Marissa. “I’m very competitive by nature, which motivates me to put 110% into everything I do.”

On copywriting: “To be a good writer you need to be adaptable, which I love because it challenges me to consider perspectives different from my own and constantly expand my knowledge base. As a copywriter, I need to be able to adapt to multiple clients’ needs and adopt their voice.”

Little-known fact: Her grandpa was a shoemaker who specialized in pageant footwear, so she once had a pageant shoe named after her.

OK, that wraps up the introductions of our newest team members. Time to get back to the work we love — delivering world-class creative web services, branding and digital marketing strategy to our amazing current and future clients. We’ll be right here if you need us.


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