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Top 10 Inbound Marketing Tips from Inbound ’13

Inbound '13 Key Takeaways vital design

Vital was excited to attend Inbound ’13, Hubspot’s inbound marketing conference in Boston last week. Each year Inbound brings the greatest marketing minds from around the world together for four days of learning, networking and being inspired to push the boundaries of inbound marketing. To help understand why we were all there, Hubspot put together this great video.

Here are ten key takeaways from our team members that attended:

  • Inbound marketing is undoubtedly the way of the future. There’s absolutely no denying it. Inbound is not a tactic or a line item on a budget sheet, but an overall crucial shift in the way we all need to be thinking about marketing.
  • Happiness is more experiential and less material. Create an experience for your customer; delight them.
  • Forget marketing and sales. People are tired of marketing and sales. To be relevant online and succeed at inbound, businesses need to have a comprehensive content creation and publishing strategy.
  • The best marketers aren’t afraid to try something different—they constantly are testing new tactics, analyzing the response, and using the metrics to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • “It’s more important to do something worth tweeting than to get your next tweet out.” – Seth Godin, Keynote Speaker at Inbound
  • “Passion and inspiration, and photos of cute kids, are the key to marketing success.” – @charitywater‘s @paullyoung
  • Context is what makes content interesting—not the subject material, but who is looking at it.
  • Answer the questions that your clients are asking, and be transparent—if you hold back, others will beat you to the punch. People expect the answers and transparency; if you don’t give them what they want, they will move along.
  • Edit long Facebook link titles before sharing, and post photos to Timeline before adding to Album for maximum engagement.
  • A relatively small group of people can make a huge difference. The small team at charity: water is doing amazing things with inbound marketing and should be an example to all of us when it comes to inspired, well-executed content.


Our team had a fantastic time, we left inspired, and we’re looking forward to next year! Visit us again as we dive into each of these topics over the next few months.