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Vital is an Official Magento Partner

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After more than a decade of providing enterprise-level integration, customization, and consulting services for Magento eCommerce websites, we’ve finally made it official: Vital is a Magento Partner!

What Does it Mean to Be a Magento Partner?

Certified Magento Partner

Our official recognition as a Magento Certified Solution Partner means we’re part of Magento’s network of over 750 global partners that include digital agencies, consulting firms, and developers — all of which are top-performers in their field. We’re also the only Magento Partner in New Hampshire!

We have an entire team of Magento-focused Vitalians who know the platform better than anyone. This team will be taking advantage of the many benefits that come with the partnership, like prime access to exclusive resources, ongoing education, and direct access to Magento insiders.

Partnership Requirements
Magento only selects the best of the best, so becoming a partner is a rigorous process. We were required to submit our past Magento projects to prove that our technical prowess was up to their standards, and we had to make it crystal clear that we know the platform better than we know ourselves.

Partners are also required to meet strict KPIs, including sales, marketing, and technical goals, while keeping a set number of Magento-trained and certified resources in house. We were put through the ringer, but we proved our worth, passed Magento’s meticulous vetting process, and came out on top.

Our Long History with Magento

Certified Magento Partner

This partnership isn’t our first rodeo with Magento.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked on 50+ Magento eCommerce website projects. We love Magento because of its flexibility, scalability, and global support community. The eCommerce tool is second-to-none when it comes to integration capabilities, making it the go-to choice for forward-thinking businesses. From Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to Peachtree and Eloqua, connecting a Magento website to existing and future business platforms couldn’t be more straightforward. As an open-source PHP platform, Magento is also versatile and feature-rich, meaning businesses of any size can easily manipulate the program to fit their current and future needs.

So, why didn’t we become a partner years ago?

We never want to recommend anything to our clients under the assumption that we’re getting a kickback. If we’re going to partner with a provider, we’re going to do our due diligence to make sure that the company is forward-thinking and reputable, and that the partnership will be beneficial for our clients.

Holding off on a partnership with Magento was our way of making sure we were keeping our clients’ best interests at heart — even though we were still recommending Magento to many of them.

Adobe’s Acquisition of Magento
Our thinking changed in 2018, when Adobe purchased Magento for $1.6 billion. This acquisition was impossible to ignore, since Adobe is the brains behind top marketing and design tools like Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Photoshop, and countless others.

Adobe has long been regarded as a leader in content creation, advertising, marketing, and analytics. The acquisition of Magento has brought them into the world of commerce, rounding out their ability to help clients create the best possible experiences throughout the entire customer journey in real time.

The Vital team trusts and uses many Adobe programs on a daily basis because of the company’s expertise with consumer-focused digital experience software. For the last decade, we’ve also been a cheerleader for Magento and the platform’s scalable technology that is supported by a vibrant partner network and robust global community.

Together, Adobe and Magento are positioned for greatness. In a press release announcing the acquisition, Magento CEO Mark Lavelle said, “Adobe and Magento share a vision for the future of digital experiences that brings together Adobe’s strength in content and data with Magento’s open commerce innovation.”

What This Partnership Means for Our Clients

Certified Magento Partner

Our eCommerce web design and development services will only get better from here. Magento notes that their solution partners are “trained, certified, trusted companies that are on the development journey with you every step of the way,” and we keep this idea close to heart.

No matter the industry, our eCommerce services will remain focused on integrations and customizations for new builds, as well as consulting services for businesses that already use Magento.

With a high level of support from our Magento partnership, our clients will enjoy benefits like:

  • Discounts for Our Clients
  • Direct Access to Magento Support Channels
  • Exclusive Resources, Education Tools, and More

We have a ton of Magento work in the pipeline, and in the next year we plan on becoming a top Magento partner. With Magento’s support, we feel validated as a go-to solutions partner and are ready to use our exclusive partnership resources to help our clients transform their businesses through the power of eCommerce.

If you’re building a Magento website, don’t settle for anything less than a Magento Certified Solution Partner. See our Magento web design and development services or feel free to contact us to talk shop.

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