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A Time For Giving

Vital takes pride in all of our clients, but there are a handful that inspire us on a daily basis.

Being a Web design company, we might not be able to change the world, but we can certainly help. In Paula Abdul’s words, “Our gift to you is the stage, what you do with it, is your gift to us.” (Yes, you did just read that – shout out to Paula for her wisdom this season on the X Factor.) We build the stage for many great organizations who spend their time and energy helping others.

To give back to our most giving clients during this holiday season, we’d like to share their stories. Be inspired, be moved. Heck, go ahead and donate even.

Northeast Passage

NEP empowers individuals with disabilities to define, pursue, and achieve their therapeutic recreation and adaptive sports goals. Founded in 1990, NEP is now a program of the College of Health and Human Services at the University of New Hampshire. Hiking, golf, quad rugby and cross-country skiing are just a few of the sports made available to people with disabilities through their efforts.

With a staff of certified therapeutic recreation specialists and a variety of volunteers from UNH’s recreational therapy and outdoor education programs, Northeast Passage has a passionate team that is constantly searching for ways to bring more recreation opportunities to people with disabilities. NEP opens the door to a world many felt closed.

And to that end, they even rent equipment. Their rental program makes it affordable to try it before you buy it. All of Northeast Passage’s programs give people with disabilities and their families the opportunity of choice and freedom they deserve. Check them out



The International Medical Equipment Collaborative is one of the leading organizations in the world bringing equipment and supplies to people in need across the globe. Their mission is to transform impoverished communities around the world by providing equipment and supplies to doctors, teachers, and farmers so they can better serve their communities.

IMEC’s programs also help the environment while helping the poor. Donations of used equipment from doctor’s offices, hospitals and other medical facilities that would otherwise be discarded are packaged into medical suites. With new supplies supplementing when necessary, suites contain everything needed to turn an empty room into a fully equipped hospital room. Recently, IMEC has begun to provide maternal/infant/pediatric medical suites as well as sets of tools and equipment to small family farms. The organization plans to expand into other services as well, going far beyond medical equipment. This is truly an organization that makes a difference! Check them out

And we would be remiss if we didn’t give a holler to all our nonprofit clients… Clean Air-Cool Planet, Conservation New Hampshire, Cross Roads House, Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, HubFamilies, IMEC, New Hampshire Film Festival, Northeast Passage, Portsmouth Community Radio WSCA-FM, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Southeast New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity, UNH’s Citizen’s Health Initiative. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work. We appreciate the effort and passion you put into your organizations and our community.

We hope you’ve been inspired to do some good. There’s a whole lot to be done.


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