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Inbound Marketing Strategy “Advice” from George Washington

inbound marketing strategy advice from George Washington

It’s like old George Washington used to say: “Why waste time on an old-fashioned inbound marketing strategy when you could be out chopping down cherry trees, firing muskets at people wearing red coats and starting a cool new country?” OK, I’m pretty sure our first president never uttered those exact words, but his inbound marketing advice still holds true some 230 years after he never said such a thing.

The truth is, with so much work to be done, nobody’s got time to be wasting time. This is particularly true in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of digital marketing, where each week brings news of amazing new tactics and analytical tools.

However, the steady stream of new “stuff” often means some of the slightly older stuff is suddenly outdated and inefficient – or worse, was never a good use of time and budget to begin with.

This means there is no time like the present to tidy up your inbound marketing strategy toolkit. Our inbound marketing advice? Download this ebook:

inbound marketing streategy advice free ebook

What are you wasting time on? What tactics are you needlessly holding onto like a marketing security blanket? What can you eliminate from your marketing budget?

If your answer is “beats me,” “danged if I know” or even a silent shrug, you’re in luck. We recently cranked out an in-depth ebook outlining what many marketers waste time on – stratagems that are no longer gems, activities that aren’t going to help you move the needle and can therefore be eliminated for good.

Inbound Marketing Strategy That Saves Time & Budget

You’re probably setting some aggressive marketing goals for yourself, so cutting some of the time-wasters and ineffective tactics detailed in “9 Useless Things To Cut From Your Marketing” will give you the bandwidth you need to pursue those more efficient new inbound marketing strategies.

After all, it’s like the noted inbound marketing advisor Thomas Jefferson almost certainly never said: “It is only by continually evaluating whether your activities are worthy of your investment of time and currency that you will truly be able to operate an agile, efficient, contemporary inbound marketing machine.”

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