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Vital Welcomes Kelsey Smith, Marlana Carroll and Maria DiCesare

New Hires Bring Project Management Experience, Marketing Chops and Agency Copywriting Expertise to Vital

As Vital grows, we continue to seek a very particular set of skills in candidates who join our team. Tons of agency experience is one critical requirement that our three newest Vitalians brought to the table. But it was something extra that made it clear that these three were #TeamVital material, and we’re really excited to introduce you to them. They bring impressive project management expertise and copywriting chops to the table, and they’ve already made us a better digital marketing agency for our clients.

In the order in which they joined #TeamVital, since all three of these women are of equally astounding levels of awesome, meet Kelsey Smith, Marlana Carroll and Maria DiCesare.

Kelsey Smith — Project Manager

Vital_KelseySmith_Avatar_20160401Kelsey’s favorite part of working at Vital thus far: the emphasis on community here — within the Vital team and our client roster.

Kelsey Smith is an experienced Project Manager with strong organizational and communication skills. Kelsey values client engagement and delight through her commitment to the product life cycle. She’s great at ensuring that projects move swiftly and successfully throughout the production process.

Kelsey’s creative agency experience most recently included three years as a Project Manager at the website design agency Genius Switch Studio in Dover, NH, where she led web design and development projects from start to launch for her clients.

Kelsey holds a B.A. in Spanish and Philosophy with a minor in Urban Education from the College of the Holy Cross. While in college, she served as the Chair of the Thomas More Executive Board.

In her free time, Kelsey teaches both dance and yoga. She teaches tap, hip hop, video, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, modern and ballet dance classes to kids and adults, and enjoys fun in the great outdoors. She currently rents a room from a cat named Rory.

Fun Fact: Kelsey is a Justice of the Peace, so she can marry you to your loved one!

Marlana Carroll — Inbound Consultant

Vital_Marlana_Carroll_Avatar_20160616The thing that Marlana is most excited to work on for our clients: Developing marketing ideas and strategies for different audiences that stay on trend.

Marlana Carroll joins us as our newest Inbound Consultant in our inbound marketing department. Marlana has experience creating digital marketing strategies, building start-up ventures, forging strategic partnerships, driving revenue and growing profits in competitive markets. She is a team builder and charismatic leader who loves working with clients and key decisions makers across a wide range of industries.

Marlana brings a deep understanding of digital marketing trends and applied knowledge of marketing tools, strategies and tactics that drive online leads. An inbound marketing enthusiast with a pulse on the ever-changing industry — from social media platforms to search optimization changes — she’s always developing her marketing and technical skills to bring the highest expertise for her clients.

Marlana became New Hampshire’s Young Careerist in 2014 and was honored to be a part of the Leadership Greater Manchester Graduating Class of 2014, and is a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Like Kelsey, Marlana has a background in dance, and is a Latin and Ballroom Dance Professional and Wedding Dance Specialist. She is also an adjunct marketing professor at the Lakes Region Community College — where she created their first ever social media class!

Fun fact: Marlana will soon be marrying a hilarious CPA (so keep an eye out for a name change, as Marlana becomes a Trombley on 9.3.16).

Maria DiCesare — Copywriter

Vital_Maria DiCesare_Avatar_20160506What Maria is the most excited about: I get to solely focus on my favorite thing, which is copywriting!

Maria DiCesare (it’s pronounced like “accessory”) is a Massachusetts native who spent the last few years in Orlando, Florida, working for a small agency and battling the extreme heat. Maria’s love for New England called her back to the area and away from from the south — and she’s wicked psyched to be back home in New England. She comes to Vital with impressive agency experience in both digital marketing and copywriting.

Her previous experience spans across the entire marketing spectrum, from social media curation and pay-per-click advertising to analytics and SEO. After getting an associate’s degree in Journalism, Maria went on to get her a degree in Anthropology from the University of Central Florida. Maria uses anthropological thought and her eclectic agency experience as a foundation for her writing. She developed a fascination with agencies early in her career and loves the challenge of learning everything about a new industry (especially B2B industries) to effectively communicate to a wide range of audiences.

Unlike her fellow recent Vitalians, Maria does not have a background in dance, but she loves Beyoncé, so she’s no stranger to getting in formation. When she’s not working, Maria’s probably exploring Portsmouth, at a yoga class, volunteering at an animal shelter or with her nose buried in a book.

Fun fact: Maria loves TED Talks. Like, really loves them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting our three newest teammates — we’ve really enjoyed working with them already. All three of them bring powerhouse marketing minds to our clients and we’re excited to see the amazing work they all continue to do.

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