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Need More Marketing Resources?

We’ve got a plan for that. Get dedicated production, strategy, and account management support to tackle projects of all sizes so you can respond to whatever challenges and opportunities come your way.

An Entire Web Design and Digital Marketing Team in Your Back Pocket

As a full-service digital marketing and website agency, we’re known for planning and executing strategies that lead to dependable, scalable results over time. You could say that discipline and stability are kind of our thing. But digital marketing, like life, isn’t always predictable. That’s why we offer Projects & Updates (P&U) retainer plans that enable you to quickly react to changing market conditions — and greenlight great ideas when inspiration strikes.

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What Can You Do With a Projects & Updates Plan?

Website Improvements

If your website is in need of a little love, but a full redesign is not in the cards, we provide the skills and expertise to tackle your top-priority upgrades one at a time. From development to graphic design, photography and videography, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO), and more, we help maximize the value of your most important digital asset.

Digital Marketing Initiatives

Sometimes your marketing team comes up with an idea too good to pass on — but you don’t have the resources to make it happen without derailing your long-term strategy. Whether you need assets for an on-trend social media campaign, a promotional strategy for a timely virtual event, or quick updates to an email lead-nurture sequence that’s past its expiration date, a P&U retainer enables you to pull it all off without losing focus.

Brand Strategy & Development

As search algorithms shift and generative AI saturates the digital media landscape, building a brand that makes you stand out is more important than ever. But as one of the marketing levers that’s hardest to quantify and measure, investing in your brand can be a hard sell. We make it easier, with branding services that support your digital marketing strategy to help you maximize results.

Go-to-Market Strategy

We get as excited as anyone by a juicy new product launch — but they have a way of chewing through budgets and killing your momentum on other initiatives. Our P&U retainers are designed to give you the best of both worlds. Get expert product naming, branding, positioning, messaging, and other go-to-market support that draws from your planned retainer budget and frees up your internal resources to keep the ship sailing.

Sales Support

We love sales teams. In fact, we spend a ton of time talking to them in order to better understand your business and your customers. We also learn a lot about what they need to be successful at their jobs. That’s why we’re in an ideal position to provide support, whether that means on-brand sales collateral, messaging guidelines, or sales process consulting and training.

Photography & Videography

Is it time to replace those decades-old headshots on your website? Need some drone footage of your facilities or b-roll from a company event? Maybe you’d like to refresh your YouTube channel with new animations or product how-to videos. We work with you to make sure you’re leveraging today’s most popular media format to engage your audience across every digital touchpoint.

What’s Included in a Projects & Updates Retainer Plan?

When you sign on for a P&U retainer, our goal is to make your life as easy as possible. That means you get more than just a wicked talented strategy and production team — you get a structure that keeps things moving at maximum efficiency so you can do more with less. That includes:

  • Kickoff & discovery
  • Monthly analytics report & dashboard
  • Monthly diagnostic dashboard
  • Dedicated strategist & account manager
  • Weekly production calls
  • Monthly planning meetings
  • Transparent monthly project reports
  • Priority access to production resources for project execution

Projects & Updates Plan Pricing

Projects & Updates Plans

In support of your marketing efforts, we provide: 

  • Dedicated project team
  • Guaranteed hours in the production schedule
  • Discounted blended hourly rate
  • Weekly production calls 
  • Monthly planning meetings

Starting at $1,000 

Starting at $2,800 /month

Thinking of Redesigning Your website?

15 Questions to Ask About Your Web Design Project

Ebooks: 15 Questions to Ask Before You Redesign Your Website

This 35-page guide will teach you everything you need to know before starting a website redesign project, including how to avoid the risks of a redesign and how to maximize the lifetime value of your investment.

Vital’s Approach to Projects & Updates

It’s pretty simple, really. 

Digital marketing is full of shiny objects, and it can be tempting to blow your budget following the latest trends. But long-term success requires focus and discipline. You need to know you can react to unforeseen opportunities without taking too much attention away from the main event.

No one wants to be a human stop sign — but sometimes it can feel that way when you have to say no to anything that’s not in your digital marketing plan. So why not plan for the unexpected, with a reliable budget and resources that let you stay nimble?

You’ve invested significant resources into your website and other digital marketing assets. Why would you let them gather dust for the next three years, languishing until they need to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch? Setting aside a regular budget to partner with an agency enables you to keep things fresh, up-to-date, and in good working order, while saving tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

Which plan is right for you?

In addition to our P&U plans, we offer digital marketing retainer plans focused on proactive strategy and long-term results. Many of our clients combine both types of retainers to achieve both agility and stability in their digital marketing. 

Projects & Updates Plans

Best for busy marketing teams who have a strategic vision and need additional digital marketing resources to accomplish their goals.

  • Agile and reactive
  • Driven by your strategy and priorities
  • Enables you to tackle a wide variety of projects with planned resources
  • Ideal for both data-driven and harder-to-quantify initiatives

Digital Marketing Retainers

Best for marketing teams that want a strategic partner and a disciplined approach to planning and executing digital marketing activities that drive measurable business results.

  • Stable and proactive
  • Includes strategy and calendar planning
  • Enables you to sustain momentum toward long-term goals
  • Data-driven continuous improvement

Combined Plans

Best for marketing teams of all sizes who want both proactive strategy, planning, and execution, and dedicated resources to react to unforeseen marketing needs.

  • Combines stability with agility
  • Includes proactive strategy for long-term growth and resources for reactive projects and initiatives
  • Maximizes flexibility without sacrificing focus and discipline

Additional Maintenance & Support Services We Offer

Website Hosting Services

Protect your investment in your website with managed hosting services that maximize site performance and security.

Website Maintenance Services

Keep your site healthy and up to date with proactive maintenance services that ensure ongoing compatibility with all browsers, platforms, devices, and operating systems.

Projects Support

Get the resources you need to tackle one-off projects with a shorter timeline and smaller budget.

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