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Get optimized performance and security with zero effort, with our 100% managed hosting services for WordPress or Magento websites.

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Website Hosting & Maintenance Services We Offer

Technical Audits

We evaluate your website’s traffic, storage needs, database complexity, user behavior, and more to match you with the ideal hosting solution.

Hosting Procurement

We partner with leading managed hosting providers — WPEngine for WordPress sites and Nexcess for Magento sites — and do all the legwork to get your site securely hosted.

Hosting Configuration

When it comes to managed website hosting, the range of options can seem overwhelming. Our expert team chooses the right servers, the right configuration, and the right add-on products to maximize your site’s performance.

Hosting Management

We speak the language of servers and website hosting, so you don’t have to. Whether it’s a special event, server incident, or upgrade, we take care of it and make sure you’re always in the loop.

24/7 Monitoring

We understand that your website is critical to your business, and unscheduled downtime is not an option. That’s why we monitor your site around the clock, so we can address any issues immediately.

Disaster Recovery

With our top-of-the-line hosting partners, you don’t have to worry about server failure or losing your data or content — but just in case, we maintain a secondary backup of your site so we can get you back online as quickly as possible if anything should go wrong.

Account Management 

Our partnership with WPEngine and Nexcess comes with some pretty sweet perks, like expedited access to top-tier support — plus our hosting experts actually enjoy talking to their hosting experts, so you can leave the account management tasks to us. 


You pay one predictable monthly bill, and we handle payment to your hosting provider and any other add-on service providers. It’s pretty simple, really.


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What’s Included in a Website Hosting Plan?

We handle everything you need to keep your website running at optimal performance levels, so you can focus on your business. 

  • Technical website audit
  • Dedicated client server 
  • Leading CMS-specific hosting providers
  • Flexible storage and traffic quotas
  • Rock-solid security protocols
  • Automatic core updates
  • Proactive plug-in update management
  • Pre-update testing and debugging
  • Site performance enhancements
  • Video hosting

Plans start at $35/month. Exact pricing is dependent on your website’s technical resource needs, including memory, storage, and bandwidth.

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Vital’s Approach to Website Hosting and Maintenance Services

When it comes to web hosting, expertise in your CMS is essential. That’s why we partner with WPEngine for WordPress sites, and Nexcess for Magento sites. Not only do these premium, technology-specific hosts know everything there is to know about ideal hosting environments, they are aware of core and plug-in updates before they happen — and they are actively involved in security and other crucial functionality decisions.

These days, just about any hosting provider can provide the hardware specifications you need for your website. But what happens when something changes, either with your website (just imagine when your traffic doubles!), with your CMS or plug-ins, or with the host itself? We believe it’s worth the extra cost to go with a premium provider that not only answers your calls, but also has the expertise to address any concerns before they become problems.

Choosing to outsource your website hosting services is about more than just the convenience of having someone else sweat the details. Because of our long-standing relationship with WPEngine and Nexcess and the number of client websites we host with them, we are able to offer the increased performance of a dedicated server along with more flexible storage and traffic quotas, at a reduced cost. 

Additional Maintenance & Support Services We Offer

Website Maintenance Services

Your website looks good and performs like a dream. Now, let’s keep it that way.

Projects & Updates

Get dedicated production resources for ongoing projects and updates.

Projects Support

Let us be an extra pair of hands for one-off projects with shorter timelines and smaller budgets.

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