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14 Things You’ll Only Hear at a Digital Marketing Agency in 2016

Fun group of folks sitting around at a digital marketing agency, gabbing and pinging check-ins as they touch base.

Much like professionals in any line of work, people who work at digital marketing agencies speak a language all their own. So if a friend tells you she’s been A/B testing an LNC to get the maximum CTR as part of a smarketing campaign designed to increase MQLs, chances are you’re talking to someone who works at a digital marketing agency.

Churning out premium, gated content; newsjacking to boost brand awareness; heat-mapping with Crazy Egg to improve UX? Sure it’s hard work, but we have a lot of fun doing it.

Here are some more examples of digital marketing terms and conversation snippets you’ll probably only hear in an agency, followed by helpful translations.

14 Things #Overheard at a Digital Marketing Agency in 2016

“Ugh, my MacBook Air is SO HEAVY.”

Since an 11-inch MacBook Air tips the scales at just a shade over 2 pounds, most people would consider it to be an extraordinarily lightweight computer. But for agency professionals accustomed to working with the lightest, fastest tools, even a top-of-the-line computer named after the weightless substance that we all breathe could feel hefty at times.

“Slack it to me.”

In some workplaces, “slack” can mean a lull in activity. But at busy digital agencies, Slack more often refers to an internal messaging system used to expedite workflow (but not to facilitate the easy sharing of humorous memes and one-liners — no, definitely not that).

“Who’s got the orange Yogibo?”

OK, not every digital agency provides plush, colorful beanbag chairs to give busy workers an alternative to toiling all day at a traditional desk-and-chair work station. But some do.

“I’ll ping you later.”

In this context, the verb “ping” serves as an umbrella action word for a variety of communication protocols — everything from email and internal messaging systems such as Slack to messages exchanged via project management systems like Basecamp and, yes, even that old 20th century standby, face-to-face (IRL) verbal communication.

“Why am I getting that weird echoing noise on my GTM?”

You might not instantly recognize the acronym GTM — unless you work at a digital agency, where everyone knows you’re talking about GoToMeeting, the video conferencing service that allows agency teams to hold virtual meetings with clients.

“Which CTA works best for this ebook on the top KPIs to prove ROI?”

Calls To Action, Key Performance Indicators and Return On Investment are all hot topics at digital agencies. And hey, it’s not “acronym soup” if everyone you’re talking to knows exactly what you mean, right?

“What’s another word for ‘solutions’?”

Nowadays, whether a business offers products or services or both it is increasingly common to characterize its mission as providing “solutions.” We’re not making fun of this trend; it actually makes sense. (In fact, perhaps we could interest you in our full range of inbound marketing, brand development and web strategy solutions.)

“Are you coming to gym class?”

Next confession: Not every marketing agency offers free gym memberships and regular team sessions with a pro trainer (thanks, Carter!). But those that do tend to believe in offering perks that help create a healthy work-life balance.

#TeamVital dominating another gym class with Carter from Elite Sports Performance at @seacoastsportsclubs. #vitalgram

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“Velocity.js allows for more performant animations on all devices.”

Developer-speak may as well be Greek to some listeners, but we’re fluent in it. Speaking the language is one thing; the real trick is putting it in practice to create elegant, highly functional websites (you know, the kind that win WebAwards).

“It’s a great idea, but how do we track it?”

Many digital agencies run inbound marketing programs built on an array of cutting-edge strategies. But to truly determine which strategies are performing well, everything (from the click-through rates of email campaigns to the progress of new leads through the sales funnel) must be tracked, measured. As the saying goes: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

“It might not look as pretty, but damn if it doesn’t get more leads.”

This is an acknowledgement that the effectiveness of a landing page, CTA button or online promotion must be measured not by how fantastic it looks but by how well it performs. Bottom line: Winning the beauty contest is less important than winning the lead-generation battle, and, ultimately, more sales.

“Did you clear your cache?”

Whenever someone pops a message onto Slack reporting that a website may be experiencing performance issues, you can count on one or more developers to reply, sometimes in unison, “Did you clear your cache?” It’s kind of the digital marketing agency equivalent of the old IT diagnostic query: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?

“We need to restock the beer fridge.”

Though this statement may also be heard at other progressive companies, the in-house Malt Beverage Replenishment Program tends to feature greater variety when one of the agency’s clients manufactures an entire line of kick-ass beers.

“How is it 5:30 already?”

Time flies in the fast-paced, nonstop digital agency world, where the “end” of the workday can sometimes sneak up on you.

Okay, we’re sure there are plenty more. What are some of your favorites?

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