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Top 10 Orange Desk Accessories


It’s no secret that Vital Design loves orange.

It’s a main feature of our branding and you’ll find it on our walls, in our logo, on our website and in our gifts to our clients.


Color Wheel Pro says orange represents “enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation” and that’s an accurate description of what we’ve got going on, if we may be so bold.

This orange branding has nearly saturated our workspace. If you swing by to borrow a stapler, it probably will be orange and we’ll invite you to have a seat in the super comfy visitor chair – also orange and pictured at right. We know there are a lot of design companies out there loving the orange like us, sooo we tallied up some of our coolest orange stuff:

Vital’s Top 10 Orange Desk Accessories

1. Le Pen

This sleek and orangey pen is très magnifique! And so much sexier than a Bic.



2. Toy Scooter

What would Barbie say? “OMG, it’ll look so cute at the dream house!”



3. Pantone Orange Coffee Mug

Hot coffee spurs creativity but it’s super creative-making juice when slurped from this Orange 021 C pantone mug.



4. Giant Paper Clip

To dry our giant wet things. You should see the clothes line.

GIANT Orange Clothes Pin


5. Logology

The study of logos. Bound in handsomely smooth burnt orange leather impressed with logos. Very impressive.



6. Somewhat Offensive Tape Dispenser

But much less offensive than the pencil sharpener that featured a prone figurine.

Somewhat Offensive Tape Dispenser


7. Nathan Water Bottle

We could die of thirst without this. Then who would make pretty things for you?



8. Toy Corvette

Smaller than a squash. Mightier than a matchbox.

Toy Corvette


9. Sparrow Memo Clips

We only have the orange one and it memos us to do all manner of tasks. Kind of tweety too.



10. Behance Action Method Notebook

A week to learn how to use this. A lifetime to master. Cover is soft and impressive, helping us justify higher rates.



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