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Vital Announces Award Winners at 3rd Annual Christmas in July Event

Vital celebrated our third annual Christmas in July team holiday party this week. While we all left feeling like winners (especially those of us who enjoyed several margaritas), there were five REAL winners in the evening’s three attire-based contests. We’re excited to announce those winners today. Like many marketing agencies, we strive to be award-winning in everything we do. This is just one more example of how our team takes the “award-winning agency” designation seriously.

The aspects for this grand competition was threefold: winners would be named in Best Hawaiian Shirt, Ugliest Tank Top and Most Creative Overall. Vitalians and their guests could compete on any or all of these categories, which would win them prizes, sure, but most importantly, the admiration and adoration of all others present.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen photos of the event that Content Manager Chuck McMahon won the top prize — Most Creative Overall. With his ‘Sup cat tee, whale-print shorts, dog slippers, red and green plaid shirt and visor/sunglasses/fake orange hair tufts (not to mention his Spartan race medal—yet more proof of his ability to win awards), no challengers even dared step up to join him in consideration of the most creative outfit prize.Award-winning-Chuck-McMahon-Best-Creative

When reached for comment, McMahon said, “I’m honored to accept the award for most creative outfit. Being creatively dressed is much more than putting on some wacky clothing and walking into the room. It’s about what you do while wearing that clothing that matters most. You need to own that s***,” McMahon said, adding, “YOLO.”

Taking the prizes for Best Hawaiian shirts were Director of Content Marketing & Social Media Doug Ridley and Vitalian fiancé Colby Gamester. Ridley sported a delicate and lovely cowl-necked Hawaiian print top, and Gamester went the extra mile by wearing matching Hawaiian shirts as an ensemble of both shirt AND shorts.


In the Tank Top category (which ended up really being the funniest tank tops, not ugliest) were Senior Developer Sean Dempsey and Vitalian spouse Cesar Ahumada. Dempsey wore a show-stealing Surfing Storm Trooper tank, while Ahumada went with the classic “Sun’s Out, Guns Out” motif.


It’s not every day we get to honor the type of creativity as was exhibited by the extended Vitalian family at our Christmas in July party. Each year, we’re driven to new heights, inspired by those who have come before us. Next year again we will doff the fustian of our everyday wardrobes and seek to be the award winners we know ourselves to be.

Talk about an award-winning agency. Oh, and if you want to work with us, check out our sweet perks and current job openings.


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