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Impossible to Miss: Street A.K.A. Museum

One of the great things about working in a web design office in downtown Portsmouth, NH is that there is always something to do during our lunch break. Sure, the skies have been dreary this spring, but one bright spot has been the Portsmouth Museum of Art’s “Street A.K.A Museum” show. Offered as a walking tour, the museum’s newest exhibition features 10 pieces of street art from six international artists. The works are now installed throughout historic downtown Portsmouth, and will be up through Sept. 11.

The show transforms lackluster buildings, rusty bridges and forgotten trailers into works of art, with subjects ranging from beautiful doves to menacing sharks. (Don’t miss the works by Shark Toof at the Harbour Place Marina and the Granite State Minerals building.)

It’s an inspiring contrast: art in areas where there’s also construction, traffic and people going about their busy days. The high visibility of the exhibition is a great way for the Portsmouth Museum of Art to spark interest within the community and visitors. The NH museum is also using social media marketing with Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as their new blog. (Smart move!)

The museum is satisfying art lovers and marketing needs in one successful swoop. There really is no downside: visitors enjoy a healthy walk while expanding their horizons, the museum generates buzz and business, and the city of Portsmouth gets a dose of great art that is quite literally impossible to miss.

Photos from the Street A.K.A. Museum exhibit (taken by Vital’s Jesse Rand and Jillian Friel) can be found below. Enjoy!


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