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Vital Launches Best-In-Class Ecommerce Website Integrating Magento and WordPress

Vital Launches Best in Class Ecommerce Website Integrates Best Ecommerce and Content Marketing Platforms.

Vital is very excited to announce the launch of, a robust ecommerce website that was built using Magento and WordPress. One of the things that makes Vital different is our ability to use the best tools available and not relegate ourselves to just one solution. We knew that Texture Plus needed a robust ecommerce website AND a capable foundation for solid inbound/content marketing with a strong call-to-action strategy.

Magento is one of the top ecommerce platforms, due to its flexibility and its amazing user experience during the shopping and checkout process. But like most ecommerce platforms, Magento is somewhat limited in doing inbound and content marketing. As we’ve talked about before, WordPress is the best platform for SEO and content marketing. For Texture Plus, we decided to marry the #1 ecommerce platform with the #1 content platform, by using the Magento WordPress plugin. The result is a best-in-class marketing experience that leads to better results.

Why is it so important to integrate an ecommerce experience with a robust content strategy?

Content marketing, or inbound marketing, is all about telling a story, and meeting your customers where they are by offering them resources that they need. It makes for a bad user experience to force people to leave your content website that is filled with stories and resources and go to a separate store environment. Online shoppers are growing to expect an integrated shopping experience, and have a limited amount of patience for websites that don’t have a pleasant shopping experience.

With their new ecommerce website (which is, of course, fully responsive), Texture Plus will be able to bring their product shopping experience into their blog and other website landing pages. This integration will allow authors to not only to tell a story, but also sell their product within that story. Magento also allows for related and suggested products, a logical shopping cart process and easy product filtering—just a few of the things that make for the best experience for an ecommerce website.

This new website is just the beginning for Texture Plus, and we are excited to see where their soon-to-be-enacted inbound marketing strategy takes them. The new has all of the features in place to make it a capable marketing foundation that will serve their business and their customers for years to come. We’re excited to see where it takes them.

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